PT. Harmeir


Harmeir Inti Translog Indonesia

PT. HARMEIR INTI TRANSLOG INDONESIA a freight forwarder and customhouse broker, established in 1995, and specialized shipping and forwarding agents providing a full range of services from planning, management and coordination of shipment, to tracking and delivery of goods; supervised, on-site receipt, unloading, inspection and customs payment and clearance of any shipment at any port; and orchestration of delivery to consignee or bonded warehousing / storage for any duration.

From international trade to global migrations, the world is a mobile place. No matter the point of origin or destination, let Harmeir Inti Translog Indonesia handle your shipping needs.

We also Handle for :

·         Project Cargo
·         Government Project
·         Warehousing and Global Logistic Management
·         Multimodal and Intermodal Shipping
·         Advisory Services
·         Shipping Process Specialist
·         Customized and Tailor-Made Services

While Customized Services,

Any one shipping modality – truck, train, airfreight or sea freight – typically is just part of the journey. At Manaco International Forwarders, complete coordination is our core offering. Some shipping agents ship cargo. Others manage contents traveling by domestic trucking. Not all airfreight and sea freight providers are the same.

Harmeir Inti Translog Indonesia, knows this.

From consulting with first-time clients to negotiating transport rates to handling custom fees and duties, to delivering cargo at its final destination, our service is customized based on the client’s particular needs.

Not every airfreight and sea freight providers are specialists in the category, but Harmeir Inti Translog Indonesia – an experience worldwide shipping by land, sea and air.

We complete our services by providing CUSTOMES BROKERAGE SERVICES

·         Traffic Management – Complete to Destination
·         Duty Drawback
·         Surety Bonds
·         Foreign Trade Zone Advice
·         Custom Consulting Services