During the last decade, HTL Group International has growth rapidly, starting from the first Company, PT. Harmeir Inti translog Indonesia who has pursued businesses in the fields of International – Domestic Forwarding Industry, and expand the business to develop PT. Hantaran Tangguh Logistics in th same mainstream of Harmeir and the other is PT. Wiratama Gemilang who focusing the business for Export and Import Trading.

In our efforts to achieve further growth, we are also striving to expand our Market segmentation and service area granted by the increasing of Quality services, while attempting to enter new business fields by taking advantage of our core values.

This group of companies – has three basic policies — creating new value by upgrading, combining and integrating our core value of services to a customer’s satisfaction; promoting our Task-forces-team to achieve the goals of our Medium-High productivity; and ensuring R&D capabilities with the world’s highest quality standards.

In order to better meet the demands of the times, HTL Group International will continue concerted efforts toward strengthening and expediting its Quality of Services and Core Values in supporting our capabilities to aggressively cater the wider Market and perspective of Corporate Growth

We have defined our business domain as “Total Forwarding, Export-Import Services” but however, we must now have keener insight into the essence of changes in consumer behavior and branding challenges so that we can offer high quality of services which are integrated and concrete action.

We believe that the phrase “Integrated Quality of Services” best expresses the current business domain and the strength of the HTL Group International and aim to evolve into a Group that as a whole is capable of designing, proposing and implementing Quality of Services to support International Trading that provide true solutions in an integrated way.