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Harapan Tangguh Logistic


Harapan Tangguh Logistic   is active across the whole spectrum of logistics services, worldwide.

Offering regular FCL and LCL consolidation services to major ports and DOOR deliveries to any point in the world.

We can take care of your goods from DOOR to DOOR and handle everything in between. Our influence and relationship with major shipping lines such as P&O Nedlloyd amongst others, ensures reliable service.

Direct weekly consolidation service is offered to : Rotterdam, Hamburg, Southampton, Dubai, Kuwait, Jeddah, Singapore, Port Klang, Hongkong, Colombo.

Besides, the above ports that are served through our direct consolidations, we can accept cargo to virtually any port or point in the world.



Harapan Tangguh Logistic   has kept pace with the expansion in the region, and established partnerships in over 80 countries all over the world.

When you ship your goods by air, we understand that they are needed urgently. Harapan Tangguh Logistic  s airfreight operations are supported by an efficient communication system for electronic mail and facsimile. Advanced IT support and our state-of-the-art computer and data communication network system allow us for pre-alerting, tracking, monitoring and controlling your shipment as if it were our own.

The high quality and reliable air freight service that customers get when entrusting their airfreight shipments to Harapan Tangguh Logistic, is also ensured by its company owned fleet of pick-up and delivery trucks adding to efficiency and speed.



Our network enables us to offer a wide range of opportunities to arrange import on FCL, LCL, break bulk and airfreight basis. including regular consolidation services from Europe, USA and Far East.

These are dedicated consolidations. Combined with Harapan Tangguh Logistic’s customs clearance and Multi Modal Transport services, we provide true door to door operations.

We can use our network of overseas partners to control cargo movement and inform the customer on their ‘order status’. Besides these benefit from this Order Management, customers could also benefit from the economy of controlling freight costs and keep track of their cargo, when placing their orders on a FOB or Ex Factory basis and nominating the required shipping services to Harapan Tangguh Logistic.

The import customer service department of Harapan Tangguh Logistic  ensures that the client is notified prior to cargo arrival and with an On-Line EDI connection with the Indonesian Customs Office, consignments are cleared in a smooth and efficient manner.

With own offices in seven major Indonesian cities we offer our customers comprehensive import services which may comprise of one or more of the following services :

Consultancy on import tariff and regulations by its certified specialists

Electronic customs entry processing

Door to door service

Import seafreight

Import airfreight

Warehousing and distribution

Marine transport insurance



Pro-active communication and a solid understanding of our customers’ business are two elements that are most important in ensuring the success of any logistics arrangement.

With experienced and knowledgeable management, executives and staff with their professionalism and responsibilities, Harapan Tangguh Logistic   is able to offer its clients far more than just the basic forwarding services.

Besides the handling of cargo in respect of stuffing and stripping of containers and trucks, we provide value adding services, such as :

Import cargo handling.

Customs clearance.


Distribution, trucking.

Covered or open storage.

Order pick-and-pack.

Product configurating.

Labeling, stickerring.

Commercial documentation.


All aforementioned sustained by extensive facility management :

First in, first out.

Sort by lot, product, expiry date, package type, etc.


Delivery reports.

Inventory reports.

A clean and safe operating environment is maintained and supported by mechanical facilities such as forklifts, loaders, cranes, packers, trucks, trolleys, etc.

With a detailed 3rd party logistics package tailored to needs of individual clients, the benefit for our customers are evident. Applying this all, together with extensive communication and understanding, along the supply chain you can achieve improved planning and better forecasting.

Together with accurate forecasting, savings can be made on all sides.



Over the last decade the sales and deliveries of complete industrial installations have boosted and Harapan Tangguh Logistic ‘s involvement in project cargo services has steadily increased over the years, keeping pace with its growing needs.

Harapan Tangguh Logistic’s experience in project forwarding extends the whole Indonesian Archipelago which includes the islands of Sumatera, Borneo, Timor, Maluku, Sulawesi, Irian Jaya and Java. The exportation of an entire automobile plant from Jakarta to Manila on a Door to Door basis and deliveries of heavy lift pieces to remote areas, inluding the final movement onto foundation by jacking and skidding are just some of our experiences.

The modes of delivery and equipment used vary, from prime movers with deep loaders to LCT’s (Landing Craft Tank) in combination with module trailers which dimensions can be tailored to the characteristics of each individual ‘heavy lift’ or ‘out-of-gauge’ piece of equipment.

Our project cargo specialists plan, coordinate and supervise the entire process of the operation with a constant emphasis on cargo security and safety to avoid loss, damage and claims and assuring that clean bills of delivery are obtained without a problem



Harapan Tangguh Logistics”s chartering division over the time has developed contacts with many major shipowners and shipbrokers on a worldwide basis. As an active and reputed freight forwarder, Harapan Tangguh Logistic  utilizes a variety of methods for the safe and efficient shipping of all types of large volume commodities and materials such as :

Construction plants and machinery, i.e. transformers, turbines.

Rolling cargo, i.e. trucks, cars.

Bagged cargo, i.e. pulp, cotton.

Static machinery, i.e. oilfield equipment.

Building materials, i.e. clinkers, cement, steel.

Crude oil, oil products, chemicals.


We handle an increasing number of cargo and enquiries and are well positioned to place bulk and heavy lift parcels on a full or part cargo charter basis.



Truck heads and trailers

Cometto trailers type 41 M (hydraulic trailers)

Cometto trailers type 31 M (hydraulic trailers)

Crane – cap. 45 tons (Sumitomo Link Belt)

Crane – cap. 15 tons (P & H)

Hydraulic jacking equipment cap. 100T each

Hydraulic jacking equipment cap. 50T each

Roller cap. 1000T each


Delivery vans cap. 10 to 20 cbm

Complete rigging equipment for rolling onto foundation such as rails, timbers, steel plates, etc.